Meet Our Staff!


Pastor Tom Lopez attended Bible College in Roseville, MN and Seminary at Bethel Theological Seminary.  Has pastured many wonderful churches from Minnesota to Chicago to Ohio!  He goes where God leads him.  We are so very thankful that
God has lead Pastor Tom and his wife to our wonderful little church!  He Loves the Lord and it shows. His knowledge of the Bible and ability to convey that knowledge is a true gift!  He teaches the Wednesday evening Prayer Group, preaches on Sunday, and leads the Pastoral Committee.  He and his wife, Joyce (who teaches Jr. Church) are a wonderful blessing to our church! 

Michelle Belcher has been the Music Director at Cornerstone Christian Church since 2001.  She has been a member since 1990.  Michelle began singing when she was just 5 years old and has since grown up singing in church with her family.  Michelle received 3 degrees in Medical Equipment, Medical Terminology and Prosthetics from the University of Tennessee through Mount Carmel Medical Center, where she worked.  During that time, she also earned her FCC license for Broadcasting.  On Sunday mornings she is the Lead Worshiper of our Praise Team and congregation. Michelle is also responsible to plan and direct cantatas and other special productions for the church.  She has a remarkable passion to serve the Lord and a great desire to bring glory to God through the worship program. Michelle was married to her late husband, David, for 8 years and has one son, Dillon.  Today Michelle has been married to Gerald since 2001 and added a step-daughter, Kayla, to her family.

33 Deacons  Deacons, John Spears and Garre Schell have served the church for many years as the dynamic duo of Deacons!  They love the Lord, love the people of our church, and serve with their whole hearts!  They are in charge of the Communion ministry, visitation program, and many other things!  We are truly blessed to have these two wonderful men of God!
11 Church Trio 2 (2)  Diane Satterfield has been with our church as the pianist and Band Leader since 2001.  She has a beautiful talent for playing the piano, and a true heart for worship!  She works in conjunction with the Music Director to lead the worship service with wonderful music that is uplifting to the Lord!  We are truly blessed to have such a wonderful woman of God!