This Sunday is the 29th Anniversary of Cornerstone Christian Church!
Services will begin at 10am and we are proud to host
The Crusaders Quartet
With a Celebration Luncheon after Service!
Bring your friends, your neighbors, or your loved ones and join us
Sunday, August 4, 2019 at 10am!
We are PROUD to be a part of the Body Life – Churches of Grove City!
Unity In the Body of Christ
This group has been birthed out of a hunger for the churches and ministries in the Grove City, Ohio area to come together in a Spirit of unity to see the Kingdom of God advance, first in our city, then in our state and our nation. Determined to tear down the walls of religion, misunderstandings, fear and even jealousies, we commit to work together to love and pray for each other. As believers we desire to work together to declare the Good News of the Gospel and share it with everyone we can. We look forward to working on common goals to spread the Love of Jesus that HE alone may be glorified, not our individual congregations. Although we all have our local church body we worship with, it is important to see the bigger picture, the BODY OF CHRIST of which we all belong to. Too often, we become so consumed in what our own churches are doing that we forget God has called us to be ONE. To reflect His image to a lost and dying world. Will you join us? There is no hidden agendas. Just a group of people who love God, love people and are striving to build bridges to reach each other and tear down the walls which have kept us apart for so long.
For more information check out BODY LIFE at